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Because each team photo is a memorable moment of friendship, community and pride. Whether it´s a faded photo of nearly forgotten club heroes, a photo from your own childhood or a photo taken last weekend of your children's team, they are all worth keeping!

How can I help?

If you have a team photo in a drawer, in the attic, on a wall or in the camera, ”tray it”! If you belong to a sports club, ask them to do the same, or offer to help them.

Who is TeamTray for?

Anyone, of any age and in any part of the world, who is interested in team sports, and especially in team photos, old ones or new ones.

Where do I register?

At the left hand side of the home page, where you can also log in via Facebook or Twitter.

How do I upload a team photo?

Just log in and click Upload Photo. To make it easier for other people to find, type in as much info as you have about club, team name, year etc.

Can I tag people in the photo?

Yes, you can tag the names of the people in the photo by moving the cursor over them and writing in their names. If you also know their email adresses, you can invite them to TeamTray at the same time.

Can I comment on a photo?

Yes, under each team photo there is room to discuss the photo or share memories. Remember to be nice. If you discover a comment, or a photo, which is out of place: please report it to us.

Anything else that TeamTray is good for?

50% of all generated profits will be donated to youth sports, allocated in proportion to the number of photos uploaded from each country.

So, TeamTray is creating a treasure trove of team photos, making them easy to find, connecting and reconnecting team mates, while aiming to support youth sports around the world. Is that all?

One more thing. The slideshow on the home page picks photos from the archive at random, to show how much we have in common, no matter which country we are from. In that way TeamTray is also a peace project.