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The tallest at the back, arms folded over their chests. The first row kneeling. Every day new team photos are taken. On the clubhouse wall, the old heroes and heroines still hang in their frames, colours slowly fading. In a box in the attic, you still have the photo of your U18 team. It was taken the year you almost won the league, and you are muddy but happy.

At TeamTray we love these team photos, full of memories, and want to make it easy to upload them, new ones and old ones, building a searcheable global team archive. You can tag team mates, invite and communicate with them under each picture. (”Top left, what was he called again?”)

The home page will host a slide show with team photos taken randomly from the archive, to show how much we have in common, wherever we live on this planet. In that way, Teamtray is also a peace project.

Another thing: Teamtray is free for users, but will carry advertising. 50% of all future profits will be donated to youth sports, allocated in proportion to the number of photos uploaded from each country.